The Everybodyfields

Dont Turn Around

The Everybodyfields

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Dont Turn Around

verse 1 
Don't turn around, don't you smile 
       C          G           Bm 
Well I closed the door on the sunshine 
             Em    Bm         Em 
Well it's a dream, go back to sleep 
Bm              Em              C 
The blood on my hands ain't all mine 

verse 2 

G                            Em 
The inches I took turned to miles 
C             G         Bm 
What lord has taken the body 
             Em    Bm             Em 
It's pushing down, feet leave the ground 
Bm            Em              C 
Just wave goodbye, say you're sorry 
      Am       C 
I'm sorry for you 

verse 3 

G                               Em 
Don't you don't know where I've been 
C                   G         Bm 
Look now 'cause I'm moving my fingers 
Some things change 
            Bm     C    Bm       C 
Some things linger on, linger 


G Em C G Bm Em Bm Em Bm Em C 

verse 4 

G                       Em 
Day after day and every night 
     C              G               Bm      
I've sharpened this blood 'til it's screaming 
It's just the pain 
    Bm                   Em 
The only one that still remains 
Bm         Em          C 
I hear the words of my mother 

Verse 5 

G                       Em 
Time just keeps rolling by 
C                      G           Bm      
Like sand through your toes at the ocean 
     Em         Bm               Em 
Wash away, the lifetimes and the days 
Bm             Em              C 
Just wave goodbye, say you're sorry 
Am             C           C C/B Am G 
I'm sorry for you 

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