The Districts


The Districts

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Intro (or repeated throughout song if you prefer this to chords) 
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e|------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------| G|--9------9------9--------------9------9-----9---------| D|--9h11---9h11---9h11p9---9-----9h11---9h11--9---------| A|--11---------------------11----11--------------11\4---| E|------------------------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------2-----------| B|------------------------------------------0-----------| G|--2------2------2-------------------2-----2-----------| D|--2h4----2h4p2--4p2--------------1--------------------| A|--4------------------4----0---2-----------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------|
If you prefer chords, the intro is: E A B7 Verse*: (During the E chords in the verse you can hammer on/off the 2nd fret on B to mimic the intro.) E (E6) A (Bb) B I hope you don't mind, but I still feel cold. This cracked shell is shattered, it's hangin' on to yolk. E A (Bb) B And I am nobody, I coulda been somebody to you... just turn and hold me, the radiator, it burns through Chorus: (barre Dbm and C) Dbm Dbm C C A E And it's broken, down. It's broken, down. Yea, it's all broken down. Dbm Dbm C C A E And it's broken, down. Yea you're breakin', down. Yea we're broken down, too. Bridge: After the second Chorus, as well as the very end of the song, there's this bit. A E A E A E Broo-ooooooke. Ahh yea bro-whoa-oh-oke. Aw yea broke. Ahh-ahh oh. Dbm A E We're all broken down. Song order: Verse Chorus verse 2 Chorus Bridge verse 3 Chorus Bridge *I apologize for not having the complete lyrics. What I have is based on what I can make out from the song. The singer is hard to understand at times. They're still a little known band so there aren't any lyrics posted online yet.

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