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The Cure

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by alyslima

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Year: 1989 - Album: Entreat


D C (3x) 
Bm C (2x) 
G D Em Em 
G D C C 
G D Em Em 
Bm C (2x) 

G          D            Em  
Hopelessly drift in the eyes of the ghost again 
G          D            C   
Down on my knees And my hands in the air again 
G          D           Em 
Pushing my face in the memory of you again 
Bm                       C 
But I never know if it's real 
Bm                      C 
Never know how I wanted to feel 

G            D         Em  
Never quite said what I wanted to say to you 
G           D           C  
Never quite managed the words to explain to you 
G            D         Em  
Never quite knew how to make them believable 
Bm                  C 
And now the time has gone 
Bm             C  
Another time undone 

G          D            Em  
Hopelessly fighting the devil futility 
G           D             C  
Feeling the monster climb deeper inside of me 
G            D         Em  
Feeling him gnawing my heart away hungrily 
Bm                  C 
I'll never lose this pain 
      Bm            C 
Never dream of you again 

Repeat the chords sequence until the end... 

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