The Corries

The Black Douglas Chords

The Corries

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by jov%2Dcorrea

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The Black Douglas

  		Verse: 1 

       A             E 
There was a man sae dark and true 
      D        E         A 
Wha Scotland loo`ed sae dear 
  A                   E 
There was a King wha lang will rue 
      D         E         A 
the Scots wha flayed him sair 
     E                D       A 
Gan cry the hounds o`Douglas vale 
     E                 A 
Gan string the Ettrik bow 
A                      E 
Gan warn the spears oŽLiddiesdale 
     D      E          A 
that Edward leads the foe 

Verse: 2 

   A                  E 
He wore the cross oor Andrew wore 
   D            E    A 
by the steps oŽCalvary 
   A                 E 
he won the sword oor Robert wore 
       D     E     A 
by the field oŽBalvennie 
     E                D     A 
Gan shear the chains oŽslavery 
     E                 A 
Gan dance my liege man lee 
A                    E 
Gan ring the bell oŽliberty 
    D       E       A 
shod wi the metal free 

Verse: 3 

   A                  E 
He won his spurs doon by St.Bride 
  D       E         A 
upon the green she free 
   A                E 
He held the Leopard and the tide 
        D     E       A 
by the field oŽLintounie 
    E                    D        A 
Gan shine the shield yer father bore 
     E                A 
Gan strike yer metal free 
A                       E 
Gan shine the helm yer father wore 
        D        E     A 
by the field of Torwoodlee 

Verse: 4 

    A                   E 
he rode yin nicht when it was mirk 
     D       E        A 
doon by the leopards lair 
   A                 E 
he chased the tyrant in his shirt 
  D        E         A 
around the field sae fair 
    E                D       A 
Gan pack yer bags ye English loons 
     E               A 
Gan tak yer banners hame 
A                     E 
Gan tak yer king wha sought oor croon 
  D          E       A 
and lost the bloody game 

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