The Black Heart Procession

Fade Away

The Black Heart Procession

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Fade Away

Intro: C  Em 
       C  Em 
       Am  G  Em 

C                             Em 
Through this land of tragedy 
C                    Em 
I try to find my way 
C                    Em 
And in this town of misery 
C                Em 
I search for you 
Am   G          Am    G                       Em 
Now we walk away to the last of the days 

C  Em 
And in this world 
C                      Em 
There were only memories 
C                             Em 
Of how we could get through 
C                        Em 
There was just no way to see 
Am   G               Am           G              Em 
Now we lost our way in the land of the day 

C  Em 
And in this life 
C                   Em 
How will they remember me 
C                       Em 
Will they see the truth 
C                         Em 
Will they just lose everything 
Am   G          Am             G              Em 
Now it fades away to the land of the day 

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