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Obladi Oblada Chords

The Beatles

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by nkalata

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Obladi Oblada

  		These are the chords from the actual white album music book. 
Those other books tell you the fake chords. 

Intro: F Bb 

                  Bb                                               F                    F7                                Bb 
Verses: 1. Desmond has a barrow in the    market place  Molly is the singer in a band. 
              2. Desmond takes a trolley to the jewlers store buys a 20 karat   golden ring. 

                                                  Eb                                   Bb                       F                          Bb 
Desmond says to  Molly "Girl I like your face" and Molly says this as she takes him by the hand. 
Takes it back to Molly waiting  at the    door  and as he   gives it to her      she begins        to sing. 

(After Each Verse Play Chorus) 
              Bb                               Dm/F  Gm  Bb                 F            Bb 
Chorus: Obladi Oblada life goes on      bra   lala how their life goes on. 

            Eb                                                                           Bb 
Bridge: In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home. 
        Eb                                                                Bb                             F 
        With a couple of kids running in the yard of Desmond and Molly Jones. 

(Other 2 Verses have same chords as first two) 

Ending: Gm                                           F             Bb 
             And if you want some fun take obladi-blada   

 (Paul: Thank You.)

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