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The Animals

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by Pete%5FTownshend

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(Am) v v v v v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------|----------------- -----5-7-----5-6-|-7---------------|-------0--------- -5-7-----5-7-----|-----0-----------|-0-2-3-----3---2- -----------------|-----------------|----------------- Am Bm {8X; continue into verse} v v v v ----------------- ----------------- -0---0---2------- -----------0---3-
Verse 1: Am Bm Am Bm Am Bm The people came and listened Am Bm Am Bm Am Bm Some of them came and played F Esus4 E Others give flowers away, yes they did Am Bm Am Bm Down in Monterey Am Bm Am Bm Down in Monterey Verse 2: Young gods smiled upon the crowd Their music being born of love Children danced night and day Religion was being born Down in Monterey foo: bass {as per verses} w/drums and sound effects: (Am) (Bm) (Am) (Bm) (Am) (Bm) (Am) (Bm) The Byrds and the Airplane did fly {w/guiro} Oh, Ravi Shanknar's {sic} music made me cry {w/sitar} The Who exploded into fire and light {w/feedback} Hugh Masekela's music was black as night {w/trumpet} The Grateful Dead blew everybody's mind Jimi Hendrix, baby believe me, set the world on fire His majesty, Prince Jones, smiled as he grooved among the crowd Ten thousand electric guitars were groovin' real loud You wanna find the truth in life Don't pass music by And you know I would not lie No, I would not lie No, I would not lie Down in Monterey bass: {N.C.} Am v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------|---------|------------------ -----------------|-----------------|---------|-----5-7-5-7-5-5-- -----------------|-----------------|-0-------|-5-7-------------- -0-2---3---4-----|-0-1---2---3---4-|---------|------------------ Monterey! {instrumental break - sitar solo over Am Bm Verse 3: Three days of understanding Of moving with one another Even the cops grooved with us Do you believe me, yeah Down in Monterey Coda: Am Bm {continue} Down in Monterey, yeah Down in Monterey Down in Monterey, yeah Am {N.C.} Am {N.C.} I think that maybe I'm dreamin' Am Bm {continue} Monterey Monterey Down in Monterey Down in Monterey Did you hear what I say Down in Monterey {fade}

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