The Angelcy

Exit Inside

The Angelcy

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Exit Inside

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Gm e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------3---------------3-------------3--------------3---------------------| D|---------------3^5^3-------------------------3^5^3-------------------------| A|--3h5----------------5----------3h5----------------5-----------------------| E|--3---3------3---------------3------3------3-------------------------------|
Intro: Gm Gm I ain't ashamed to be who I am, Cm Gm I'm tired of shame Cm Gm Don't you know you cannot fall? Cm F Gm for life itself is a falling object, Cm so be wrong, F Gm follow the mistaken, Cm F Gm for life is falling through space of chaotic love Cm Gm Cm Gm I'm tired of being tired of Gm You're running ?round and ?round and ?round Gm and where you gonna run to, where you gonna hide Cm Gm when the exit is inside? Cm Gm Exit inside Cm F Gm when life itself is a dying moment F Yes, I am holy, F and yes, I am horny, F Cm my spirit is turned on, Eb Bb so wish me love, Gm I wish you love, Cm Gm Cm Gm I'm tired of being tired of Eb Bb Gm Wish me love my beautiful fucked up family, Eb Bb Gm Wish me love all you strange people, F Gm I wanna wish you love F Yes, I am lonely, F and yes, I am lovely, F Cm I'm your long lost brother and I'm here, Eb Bb Gm so let me reflect in your hearts, Eb Bb Gm I wanna take all of you in my arms F Gm and wish you love Outro: F | F | F | F | Gm | Gm ||

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