The 1975


The 1975

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Capo on 6th fret

Intro:C G 

And this is how it starts 
                                             F          G 
You take your shoes off in the back of my van 
My shirt looks so good 
                                     F         G 
When it's just hanging off your back 
She said use your hands and my spare time 
           G                            Am7 
We've got one thing in common it's this tongue of mine 
         F                                 G 
She said she's got a boyfriend anyway 

There's only minutes before I drop you off 
And all we seem to do it talk about sex 

She's got a boyfriend anyway 
She's got a boyfriend anyway 
I love your friend when I saw his film 
He's got a funny face but I like that because he still looks cool 

She's got a boyfriend anyway 
      G                       F 
She's got a boyfriend anyway 

Now we are on the bed in my room 

And I'm about to fill his shoes 
But you say no 
You say no 
F                        G 
Does he take care of you 

Or could I easily fill his shoes 
You say no 
You say no 

Interlude: F F Am7 G F G 

C                                  G 
And now we're just outside of town 
             Am7                 F 
And you're making your way down 

She's got a boyfriend anyway 
She's got a boyfriend anyway 
And I'm not trying to stop you love 
               G               Am7                       F 
But if we're gonna do anything we might as well just .... 

She's got a boyfriend anyway 
She's got a boyfriend anyway 

C                                     G 
You've got your tongue pierced anyway 
            Am7             F 
You in your hightops anyway 
You in your skinny jeans anyway 
C                               G 
You and your fit friends anyway 
               Am7            F 
I'd take them all out any day 

They've all got back combs anyway 
                 G               C 
You've all got boyfriends anyway 

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