Terry Stafford


Terry Stafford

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	  		Suspicion:Terry Stafford. 
#31 in UK and #3 in USA in 1964. 

D                                                                               Em 
Every time you kiss me I?m still not certain that you love me. 
Em                                                                            D 
Every time you hold me I?m still not certain that you care. 
D                                                                               Em 
Though you keep on saying you really, really, really love me. 
Em                                                                                              D 
Do you speak the same words to someone else when I?m not there? 

Bm                                   D 
Suspicion...torments my heart.. 
Bm                                D 
Suspicion....keeps us apart.. 
Bm                                A     A7 
Suspicion...why torture me? 

D                                                                                   Em 
Every time you call me and tell me we should meet tomorrow. 
Em                                                                                     D 
I can?t help but think that you?re meeting someone else tonight. 
D                                                                                         Em 
Why should our romance just keep on causing me such sorrow? 
Em                                                                    D 
Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight? 


D                                                                   Em 
Darling, if you love me, I beg you wait a little longer. 
Em                                                                     D 
Wait until I drive all these foolish fears out of my mind. 
D                                                                      Em 
Why can't our romance just keep on growing stronger? 
Em                                                                           D 
Maybe I?m suspicious cause true love is so hard to find. 


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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