Terri Clark


Terri Clark

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Capo on 2nd fret
	  		* for the key on the CD* 
Intro: A  E  Bm  D (twice) 
Verse 1: 
A                 E 
Maybe it's been a little too long 
F#m            D 
Holding it in, trying to be strong 
A                   E 
Funny the things we bottle up 
       F#m                   D 
Come streaming out when you feel enough 
Bm                   E 
There is a trust the cautious will lack 
Bm                                E 
And now that we've touched there's no holding back 
         A            E         Bm             D 
I wanna call out for love til I can't breathe 
         A            E          Bm        D 
I wanna stare at the truth til I can't see 
         A           E           Bm      D 
I wanna pour out my soul til I'm empty, empty 
Instrumental break: (same as intro) 
Verse 2: 
When only flesh and bone remain 
I'll hold you close then start again 
Feeling nothing but a sweet release 
Then the ghosts are gone from inside of me 
I've tried to fight it but what can I do 
There's something deeper that surrenders to you 
When I touch you 
When I hear you 
    D                               A    E 
How can I doubt when everytime I'm near you 
Outro: (same as intro chords, repeat til end) 


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