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Take Us Into Space Chords

Tenacious D

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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Take Us Into Space


          Am      F     G           
You gotta take us into space 
          Am      F     G           
We gotta save the human race 
              Am    F     G    E                  
But first you gotta let us say goodbye 

Primeira Parte 

C        Am          C              Am                             
Goodbye mother earth, you served us well 
C                   Am   
Your rolling hills, your gorgeous lakes 
Em             G 
You have been swell 
C                   Am          
Your fucking flowers, your fresh breeze 
C                  Am 
Your blue skies all day 
C                    Am 
Your twinkling stars, your northern lights 
Em              G 
It's time to go away 

F G Me and KG are going into space C G/B Am And we are never coming home again F We're gonna miss you, we'll never kiss you G C We're gonna go have lots of sex in space C Sex in space
Segunda Parte C Am Farewell my friend C Am We're to the earth again C Am Em We're gonna party with Elon Musk in space G Ah-ah-ha yeah C Am Richard Branson partying hard C Am We're gonna kick it with him C Am Em We're gonna drink some space juice mixed with gin G Oh yeah F G We're partying in space to save the human race C G/B Am We're gonna have to shoot some goo F We're cumming in space G C We're cumming inside of you

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