Tenacious D

Kyle Quit The Band

Tenacious D

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Kyle Quit The Band

B          A                   E  A                B 
Last week, Kyle quit the band.    Now we're back together.  
                                               B                         A                    E               A  
Misunderstandings, didn't understand. Doesn't matter, Now 
we're back together again. Ohhhhhh, Fa La La La La   
F                  E         B  E  B 
Couldn't split up Kato and Nash.     Thats true. 
F                  E         B  E  B 
Couldn't split up Tengo and Kash     Thats also true. 
E                      B               F        E  
This is our song of exultant joy cause, we only came to             
           B  E  B 
kick some ass. 
F                      E                B  E  B 
Rock the ***ing house, and kick some ass. 
F             E                    B  E  B             
What we gonna do with all the cash?         
          A  D  A 
Smoke Hash!          
                   G C G C A D B 
And then we thrash!              Throw a big old bash ya'll 
G C G C A D B                                  
             And everyone is invited to the   
  G C G C A D B 
Baaaaaaaaaash!  C'mon Kyle, one time c'mon! 
         Instead of the solo i'd just repeat F F E E B E B four times and end on B. 
                        CHORD CHART 
           B      A      E     F     D     G     C 
Tenacious D Time You Mother Ducker!! 


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