Tenacious D


Tenacious D

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Intro: G  C  G (2x)  

She's 39 but she still looks young 
Not very young, but a lot of fun 
G                          D 
She's my 39th lady, in the sun 

49 and I'm feeling fine 
In the sun, it's a lot of fun 
D                  C                    G 
Drinkin' mai tais, kickin' back with my flip-flops on 

Am                       D 
I'm wearin' socks and my toe is tight 
G                            Em 
I think about her every damn night 
Am              C                         G 
39 year-old lady, she looks pretty good to me 

I'm 49, drinkin' white wine 
C                                 D 
Not goin' out with no 19 year-old chickities no more 
C                   G 
From now on I got my 39 year-old whore 

Don't you call her a whore 
I'll fuckin' tear your esophagus out 
Em                    C 
She's sweet and she's getting old 
And she's mine, to have and to hold 

She needs a dentist appointment quick 
I pay for it and she sucka my dick 
D                        C                     G 
When we text each other, I fiddle with my anus 

I stick the finger in it! 
Am                  D 
Then I fuckin' didariddly doo 
Em                C           G 
And I fuckin' gots to spew 
             D                       G 
Upon my belly, dripped upon my shoe 
Get me a tissue 

Chardonnay in the setting sun 
She's 39, but she's number one 
D                       C 
Get the apartment just right 
she's comin' over tonight 

Em                C 
I like it cause I don't feel scared 
Em       D 
She's 39, I'm in my underwear 
Here she comes, comin' down the hallway 
She's knockin' on my door! 

I open the door 
There she is, not too bad, good enough 
D                C                   G 
39 year-old lady, young enough for me 

Am                         D                   G 
Boobies droopin', but she's good enough for me 
Am                      D                    Em 
Trimmed her pussy hairs, good enough for me 
C            D              G 
Mature woman, she's my lady 

G              C 
Uh huh, uh huh, ooh yeah 
C                                   D 
She ain't gonna be fuckin' around with no other guys 
C                                                G 
Nanananah-nah, she's mine, she's my special lady 
Special lady 

G                  C 
We can see a fuckin' movie 
         D         C                G 
And agree it's a total piece of shit 
G                 C 
Comfortable shoes, never loose 
D              C                      G 
We can fuckin' talk about some things 

Am               D             G 
She don't need no diamond rings 
Am          D 
She don't need no 
Diamond rings 

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