Shelter Song


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Shelter Song

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Intro bit and Main riff: E|-----5-4r-----------| B|--5-3------5-3------| G|---------------4----| D|2----------------3-2| (last note ist the first note) A|--------------------| E|--------------------|
VERSE (it has no guitar in it but I just play E and it fits pretty well) E One night... Pre Chorus: E D Take all the time A E time that you want to repeat 3x Repeat Intro Riff 2x verse 4x Pre Chorus 2x Chorus: E A Now I know the lonely days are gone C E dont you know that i can see little riff after 1st Chorus:
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E|-----------------| B|--5-3r-3-2-------| G|-----------4-2-4-| D|2----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------|
Intro Riff 2x verse 4x Chorus 4x Pre Chorus until the end

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