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Fragments Light Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by VsWorld

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Fragments Light


F#m C#7 F#m B7 F#m E Dmaj7 

F#m               C#7             F#m 
East is where the western heart resides 
    B7               F#m 
The sunlights of the desert 
  E                Dmaj7 
Become a deafening child 

Parched in the sun 
  C#7              F#m 
A group of ...-...-...  
  B7               F#m   
A journey from and far to 
  E            Dmaj7 
A dawning of a new 

E    F#  
Ahaaahaa... x2 
E     B                               D 
A(aaa)drift and he will come into the morning 
       E7      F#m 
God of distant white 
And the teeming lips 
Astral shapes are found 
              Esus4 E 
Breaking into frag--ments 
Astral shapes 
Breaking in fragments while 
Breaking into the night 

  I have absolutely no idea what is sung here. It sounds like 'lemmington', but I don't know what that would be... 
  You can just play a G here, but since Bagshaw sings a diminished fifth here (Db) I guess it would sound nice if you play this in your chord, like this: 

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E| | |4| B| |3| | G| | | | D| | | | A| |1| | E| | |2| which you can easily dissolve into a normal G by releasing your third finger. play the end with this awesome spooky riff: e|--2----- B|-------2 G|------3- D|----02-- A|---4---- E|2-------

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