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Casper, The Friendly Ghost Chords

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by jaugb

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Casper, The Friendly Ghost

Casper, the friendly ghost 

The friendliest ghost you know 

Am                         G 
The grownups might look at him with fright, 

        A                      D 
But the children all love him so. 

     C          G 
He always says hello 

       D                     G 
And he?s really glad to meet y'a 

C               G 
Wherever he may go 

     A               D 
He?s kind to every living creature 

Grownups don?t understand 

Why children love him the most, 

Am                         G 
But kids all know that he loves them so, 

 C         D        G 
Casper the friendly ghost 

Cifrado por JAUGB 

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