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	  		Intro: Em D G C 3x Em D G 
G      Am             Em 
What I thought wasn?t mine 
In the light 
    D        Em 
Was one of a kind, 
A precious pearl 
G      D          Em 
When I wanted to cry 
Cm               G 
I couldn?t cause I 
G/F#      Em 
Wasn?t allowed 
C      G      D 
Gomenasai for everything 
Em C   G            D 
Gomenasai, I know I let you down 
Em    C             G 
Gomenasai till the end 
I never needed a friend 
Em   D     C 
Like I do now 
G       G/F#          Em 
What I thought wasn't all 
So innocent 
Em    D         Em 
Was a delicate doll 
Of porcelain 
G      D         Em 
When I wanted to call you 
Cm              G 
And ask you for help 
G  D        Em 
I stopped myself 
Solo: C Em D G C Em D C Em D G C Em D G 
G      D              Em 
What I thought was a dream 
C     G 
A mirage 
       G/F#        Em 
Was as real as it seemed 
A privilege 
G      D         Em 
When I wanted to tell you 
Cm              G 
I made a mistake 
  D         Em 
I walked away 
(Refrão 2x) 


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