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Tata Young

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When I was just a little girl 
  C                                   G 
My momma used to tuck me into bed and she  
  E          Am 
read me a story 
It always was about a Princess in distress 
                   G                     E                                
And how a guy would save her and end up with 
the glory 
    B                                       Am 
I'd lie in bed and think about the person that I  
wanted to be 
    B                        Am                D 
Then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn't  
for me 

Am G I don't wanna be like Cinderella C G Sittin' in a dark old dusty cellar C E Waiting for somebody, to come and set me free Am G I don't wanna be like Snow White waiting C G For a handsome prince to come and save me C E On a horse of white, unless we're riding side by side F E Don't want to depend on no-one else Am I'd rather rescue myself
Am C Someday I'm gonna find someone who wants my soul, heart and mind G E Am Who's not afraid to show that he loves me C Somebody who will understand I'm happy just G E Am the way I am Don't need nobody taking care of me B Am I will be there for him just as strong as he, will be there for me B Am D When I give myself then it has got to be, an equal thing
C D I can slay, my own dragon C Am I can dream, my own dreams C G F My knight in shining armour is me C G So I'm gonna set me free

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