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Another Rain Song Chords

Task Force

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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Another Rain Song

  		Intro: (3x) 

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Am G F E|------0----------------0-----------------3----------------3-----------------1-----------------1----------- B|-----1--1---1--------1---1---1---------3---3---3--------3---3---3---------1---1---1---------1---1---1----- G|---2------2---2----2-------2---2-----0-------0---0----0-------0---0-----2-------2---2-----2-------2---2--- D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|-0---------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-----------------------------------3----------------3-----------------1-----------------1----------------- E E|-------0----------------0---------| B|-----0---0---0--------0---0---0---| G|---1-------1---1----1-------1---1-| D|----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|-0--------------0-----------------|
(ritmo rasgado nas quadras) Am I talk to the ancient people G That tell me what to do F I wanna feel the smell of dirt again E I wanna hear the animals over the laughs of men. Am I just leave in an old house downtown G This is no longer the world that I've found F The trees used to worship the sky E Now the chimneys are smoking that high.
Am Oh baby... F Save our kind 2x C Oh Master... G Enjoy our strife
Am G F E Am I can't beat the Leds with this song G I just care about saving the world where I've grown. F Winter is home for the rain E It can't heat for a whole year, insane! Am I'd rather live in my old tree house G The leaves welcoming my stay everyday F Where I look out the window and I find E The rising sun and all that survives. (refrão) Solo saxofone: Am C F G Am C F E 2x (dedilhado da intro)

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