Tally Hall

The Trap

Tally Hall

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The Trap


Eb               Cm                   Ab        Eb 
Whispered leaves on swaying trees and mysteries define 
Eb               Cm               Gm             Bb                  Eb 
Summer nights of endless light, remind us of the line that's Yours & Mine 

Thoughts of green and breezes mean I'm growing from a stem 
Missing dirt on my T-shirt, you'll move a little closer but the moving isn't over if it's 

Ab           Eb           
Them & You & Me 
Ab            Gm 
Stringing electricity 
Cm	Fm            G       G7 
And the rest of it is waiting under 
Ab          Eb 
When it overflows 
Ab              G 
Taking us where no one knows 
Ab                  B             Eb 
We remember when we fell into the trap 

Eb        Ebaug   Cm     Ebaug 
Mothers & Fathers without 
Eb        Ebaug   Cm     Ebaug 
Will doubt 
Brother to brother another 
Hold out 
Imagine a world if the numbers 
Would take some time out 
Me without you & you without I want to break     
Out of this abstracting pattern of layers but it's 
F#  Eb 

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