Tall Heights


Tall Heights

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verse 1 
F                        Am 
  I came along an empty planet 
C                            G 
  Where I was born beside a lake 
F                                   Am 
  The days were long, and there was nothing in my eye 
Not a tear, not a bird, not a snake 

F                                 Am 
  And Phillip claimed I must have missed him 
C                                 G 
  At the point of faith and misbelief 
F                            Am 
  The red man died without a spear there at his side 
I never learned the shape of a maple leaf 

F In infrared is there anyone talking? Am In infrared is there anyone hocking C G A sign of life, something bright throwing heat? F In infrared in a little black box Am They won?t forget through the ticks, and the tocks C G In a little wood chest, a little heart with a beat A little heart with a beat
Interlude F Am C G verse 2 F Am She awoke the vast reflection C G The way we hold, let go, repeat F Am To synthesize a joy in someone?s afterlife G I never knew, I never know, I never tried Repeat Chorus Outro F A little heart with a beat Am A little heart with a beat C A little heart with a beat G A little heart with a beat

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