Tall Heights

Controlled Burn

Tall Heights

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Controlled Burn


Left me out, a hound ungroomed with one neigh moon 
  Bm              A              E 
I was consumed, I howled to it 
Oh I was loud, in drinking rooms and dim saloons 
     Bm             A                  E 
When I found you, I found you wounded 
    Db            D            A  E 
But you wore your heart like a la-dy 
    Db         D             F#m 
And I lit your smokes like a man 


Gathered round, when eyes adjusted, in fire we trusted 
Bm               A                          E 
Tend to a bed of kindle, I stoked it on and on 
When dry wind roused our hearts unready, it painted red with 
Bm                  A                           E 
orange hands, and a brush more hot than what we want 
Bm                 A                              E 
All around we just danced, so drunk upon the lawn 
    Db             D          A  E 
And you danced the steps of a la-dy 
    Db         D           F#m 
And I tried to lead like a man 
        B          Dbm       D 
And the bells only ring in emergencies 
F#m                           A                     E 
There's hazard and heat to discern, in a controlled burn 

When we were found, our molars made the sorry case 
Bm          A          E 
no lyric 
Db              D    F#m   A       E 
"Where goes our boy? Where goes our girl?" 
Db          D        F#m  A     E 
Our fathers cried, I ne? ver heard 
        B          Dbm       D 
And the bells only ring in emergencies 
F#m                           A         
There's hazard and heat to discern, 
F#m                                                 A 
It warms and it dances it speaks out of turn and it runs 
Controlled burn 

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