Desperate Dreams


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Desperate Dreams


Intro: PICKED: Bm C# D - G D/F# Em - D A  
Intro simplified: Bm - G - D - A  

Bm                 G                        D    A                                 Bm  
Two dreamers,    what would it feel like to meet by light of day  
So lonely, wouldn't if feel right to love this night away  
G                                                        D  
Your name keeps echoing down this wishing well  
Em                                                 A   
   Wild hearts on an endless flight,   set free in our dreams tonight  

D/F#           G                            A   
*Two souls drawn to the fire in desperate dreams  
Two hearts lost to desire's desperate schemes  
D/F#     G             
One girl lost in a reverie  
A             D  
Lost love found in a memory  
Those nights live on forever  
Two fools lost in a desperate dream*  

Torn pages, more than a memory, pieces of the past  
One vision, your image keeps haunting me, a love too good to last  

Your voice keeps echoing down this wishing well  
Wild hearts on an endless flight, set free our dreams tonight  

(* Repeat)  
Solo: verse  
Em                       EmF#GF#  
One love divided   
burns brightly through the night  
G                             A  
Two dreams united until the morning light  

(* Repeat)  
After the last Chorus you change the first Bm to D 

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