Sleepy Vampire


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Sleepy Vampire


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Em C D Em ----0-0------------------------------------| --------0-------1------3-------------------| -0--------2-2----------2---2--4--2-0--0----| -2--------------2------0--------------2----| -2--------------3---------------------2----| -0------------------------------------0----|
Em C She's a sleepy vampire D Em She'll be up all night C Kickin feet and two wide D Em Just a shadow in the candlelight Am Yeah but that's allright Em She'll be fine fine fine Am Yeah that's allright B Em She's all mine C My blood is running so wild D Em I'm a king or I'm a fool C Natural mother of my child D Em She is the queen and now we rules Am Yeah that's allright Em We'll be fine fine fine Am Yeah that's allright B Em For all time G But it's long overdue Em And much too good to be true Am D Yeah it's in my blood, its in her eyes G Far between and way too few Em But I hope it happens to you Am D Yeah it's like a flood, like a fire.(To Intro)

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