Stray Cats

Oh Boy

Stray Cats

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Oh Boy

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G            G 
All my love, All my kissin' 
G         C         D 
you don't know what you've been missin 
   C                           G 
oh boy, when you're with me oh boy 
                       D         C         G 
the world can see that you'll be there for me. 
All my life, i've been waitin' 
tonite there'll be no hesitatin o boy! 
when you're with me oh boy! the world can see 
that You'll be there for me. 
Stars are peering, shadows falling 
you can hear my heart calling 
A little bit of loving makes everything right 
I'm gonna see my baby tonight 
Contribuição: Rodolfo Rodrigues dos Santos([email protected]) 


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