Dream with me


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Dream with me


Now it is time for you to close your eyes 
They?ve seen much pain it?s slowly filling your mind 
Pretty as they are but now so pale 
D#m         C#               B   G#m  C#
You better leave all your worries far behind 

Not long ago when you had the Fire 
Burnning inside of you brighter than any flame 
You were the one that I believe in 
Keeping our hops up high where are you now? 
Where do you aim? 

  F#            G#m
Let me take you there
  E               F#   F#--E--F#
To the place you know 
Why don?t you Dream With Me
  E                  F#
The answers will be found 

No it is time to open your eyes again 
See how all the sorrows have disappeared faded away 
I am right here waiting for your call 
If you still need me to guide your pace 
Through the day 

Contribuição: Vitor fernandes de campos([email protected])

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