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by  RUNK

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Intro 1: Em  C  Em  B  Am  B 
         Em  C  Em  B  Am  B  C  Am  Em 

Intro 2 - 2x: Em  C  Em  B  Am  B 

Intro 3: Em  C  Em  B  Am  B 
         Em  C  Em  B  Am  B  C  Am  Em 

  The times are changing so fast 
  I wonder how long it lasts 
                               C       B 
  The clock is ticking time is running out 
  The hatred fills this Earth 
  And for what is worth 
                             C   B 
  We're in the end before we know 


  Throughout the years 
           G                   B 
  I have struggled to find the answer that 
  I never knew 
   Am            D      G       C 
  It strucked me like a million lightnings 
      Am        F#         B 
  And here I am telling to you 
  C  D  Em                  G 
  Every second of day it is coming your way 
  D                 Em 
  Future unknown is here to stay 
  D      C 
  Got to open your mind 
     G                    B  D 
  Of you will be led to astray 

G D There's a time to live Em B There's a time to die C D Em But no one can escape the Destiny
Repete Intro 2: (2x) Em Look all these things we've done Under the burning Sun C B Is this the way to carry on? Em So take a look at yourself And tell me what do you see C B A wolf in clothes of the Lamb? Repete Verso Repete Refrão Em Ahh Ahh Ahh Pré Solo: Em B7 Em D7 G D7 Em B7 Solos: Em B Em B B Em B Em Ponte: Em D C B Em D C B Em Am G Let your spirit free F E Through window of your mind Am G Unchain your soul from hate F E G All you need is faith C G I control my life Am G Am Bdim I am the One C G You control your life B7 But don't forget Your Destiny... Solo: G D Em Bm C G Am D G D It's time to say goodbye Em Bm I know it will make you cry C G You make your Destiny Am D I know you'll find the way G D And outside Sun is bright Em Bm The things will be allright C G D I will be back one day to you G So please wait for me

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