Stone Sour


Stone Sour

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	  		Intro: Bm  A  E  G  

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e|--------------| b|--------------| G|--------------| D|---4-3--------| A|-2-----4-5----| E|--------------|
Bm G F# Come on and all and see the broken man, talking to himself Bm G F# He sits and waits for something better, he´ll never find ithere Bm G F# The people touch his hair and pinch his cheek, he can´t even feelit E There it goes again, he´s listening to someone He hears the bitter laughter And all he wants to kwon is...
Bm A E G Why... does any of it matter? (I can´t take it anymore) Bm A E G You´ve got try... the inhale that makes the exhale so muchbetter Bm G F# He wipes his hands on anything in reach, he never feels clean Bm G F# He shakes at night because his nerve is gone, every musclehurts Bm G F# Come on and all and see what happened... that broken man is me E There it goes again, I can hear it louder It doens´t feel good anymore G Am All I want to know is...
Repete: {Refrão} E G A Now I know I disappear!! E G A I cant find my way from out of here E G A E Everything is fading on me!! Someone tell me... someone tell me... Someone - tell me Repete: {Refrão 2x} B Why?!? You´ve got try!! VELHO (BANDA VM's)

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