Steve Gilmour


Steve Gilmour

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Capo on 2nd fret
	  		Revelation - Steve Gilmour 

This Whole Song Is   Am  G   on  
Finger picking To Start Then Gradually Building to a Strum 

   Am                      G             Am 
We Cast Our Crowns Down In-front Of Your Throne 
    Am                        G            Am 
The Elders Surround You There Faces To The Floor 
    Am                           G        Am 
The Creatures Are Stirring There Eyes All Around 
    Am                       G               Am 
The Angels Are Singing There Singing Heavens Sound    Singing 

Am   G       Am 
Holy Are You Lord      X4 

    Am                  G     Am 
The Trumpet Sounds Your Glory Falls 
     Am                        G           Am 
Your Presence Is Strong Like A Double Edge Sword 
   Am                        G          Am 
In Spirit And Truth We Come Before Your Throne 
              Am                G        Am 
You Washed Me White As Snow You Saved My Soul 

Chorus    x4 


Chorus       X?    To Finish 

Many Blessings 

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