Stephen Fretwell

Lines Chords

Stephen Fretwell

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Intro: (C/G  Em) 2x 

C/G      Em 
I walk the lines 
C/G         Em  
DO it all the time, 
F              C         
push the water through 
Bb                       G 
the things we said we'd do 

C/G               Em 
and always skimmed the lines 
C/G             Em 
rolling all the time 
F         C   
makes me do 
Bb                       G                     
things i really shouldn't do 

Am        C 
of your eyes 
F                       C           G 
i think i've seen them once or twice 
Am               C 
yes of your eyes 
F                     Bb       G 
i think ive seen them once, twice 

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