Steely Dan


Steely Dan

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by  FLYGAL46

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Year: 2006 - Album: The Definitive Collection

Key:  C More
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	  		                  Cmaj7 - G   Cmaj7 - G 
1. I seen your picture                 
                     Cmaj7 - G  Cmaj7 - G 
Your name in lights above it             
             Fmaj7   C  Fmaj7 - C 
This is your big  de-but                 
            Fmaj7      G - C - G 
It like a dream come true   
              Fmaj7         C - Fmaj7 
So, won you smile for the camera 
  C                 Fmaj7 - G - C - G 
I know you gonna love it 

                  Cmaj7 - G   Cmaj7 - G 
2.  I got your pin shot                       
                    Cmaj7 - G  Cmaj7 - G 
I keep it with your letter 
           Fmaj7 - C  Fmaj7 - C 
Done up in blue-print blue            
        Fmaj7         G - C - G 
It sure looks good on you 
              Fmaj7         C - Fmaj7 
So, wont you smile for the cameras 
  C                  Fmaj7-G     Fmaj7 - G 
I know they gonna love it    Peg 

Cmaj7 - G Am - Am7 - E Ch: Peg It will come back to you Cmaj7 - G Am - Am7 - E Peg It will come back to you A - C G - F# Then The shutter falls Bm F#7 - Am You see it all in 3D C Cmaj7 - G Cmaj7 - G It your favorite foreign movie
Inst: C - G - F#m - Bm - em - Bm - C G - F# - F - F#7 - Cmaj7 - G Repeat Chorus:

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