Steely Dan


Steely Dan

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Year: 1972 - Album: Can't Buy A Thrill

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D         F        Am 
Now they  lay his  body down 
While he plundered far and wide 

D         F        Am 
Sad old   men who  run this town 
All his  starving  children cried 

Am       F                 C 
-----        I still recall  the way he led 
-------   And though we sung his fame; we all 

Gm7                   F      C/E 
  The charge and saved  the day 
 Went hung--ry   just   the same 

G/D     D7          G/D   D7 
Blue blood and rain                 
He meant to shine 

C/Bb       Bb          Am 
   I can   hear the bu ---gle playing 
   To the  end  of the    line -- 

Chorus : 

Em7                F                 C 
We seen the last      of good King   Richard 

Dm7               G                  Am  
ring out the past,    his name lives on    and on 

Em7                F                 C 
Roll out the bones  and raise up your pitcher 

G   C/G  Dm7                 G               F   
         Raise up your glass    to good King John. 
         Raise up your glass     to good King John. 

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