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Accident Prone Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by alexribeiro

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Accident Prone


I'm a lay-by lover 

And you're just another 
     F#            E     B 
Who just wants to hit an run 

Now you're on your own 

Because I'm accident prone 
       F#            E 
And I hope that you have your fun 

Verse(see below lyrics for what to play here)* 

I tried to love you my way 
But lady you just wouldn't slow down 
You drove a right on through me 
When other guys came round 


Em			    Bm 
What you call love wouldn't give to a stray 
  Em			     Bm 
I wouldn't threat a dog that way 

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*(verse) e---------------------------------------------------------------| b---4-4-5-5---2-4-4-4-------------------------------------------| g---4-4-4-4---3-4-4-4-------------------------------------------| d---4-4-6-6---4-4-4-4-------------------------------------------| a---------------------------------------------------------------| e---------------------------------------------------------------|

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