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Elevated (acoustic)

State Champs

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Elevated (acoustic)

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		This is a tab for the acoustic version of Elevated; 
it's off of State Champ's acoustic EP called "The Acoustic Things". 

Standard: EADGBe 

I don't know the picking lead in the beginning, just the chords. Feel free to contribute  
if you know it. 
The strumming pattern is "easy enough" to figure out...see what I did there? 

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Chords: (you can mute the 2's on the G and C chords if you choose. I think they sound better that way.) C G F#/D Em D e|---3--- e|---3--- e|---3--- e|---0--- e|---2---| B|---3--- B|---3--- B|---3--- B|---0--- B|---3---| G|---0-- G|---0--- G|---0--- G|---0--- G|---2---| D|---2--- D|---0--- D|---0--- D|---2--- D|---0---| A|---3--- A|---2--- A|---x--- A|---2--- A|---x---| E|---x--- E|---3--- E|---2--- E|---0--- E|---x---|
Song Order: Intro, verse 1, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Interlude 1, verse 2, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Interlude 2, Bridge, Chorus Intro: G C G C verse 1: G Pulled aside as if I was the wrong one, G You said it all and you made me the lost one. C Elevated by your greatest mistake, now I'm all alone. G I bet you couldn't tell that I felt the same way, G Struggling just to get to the next day. C I'm not force fed lies while I'm by your side. Pre Chorus: Em C Shaking your head doesn't change this. G G F#/G Em Preparing myself for a train wreck, G D I can't be saved. Chorus: C G So tell me why can't you see D Em D This is where you need to be? C G You know, it's taken its toll on me, D Em D But I don't feel invisible. C G So tell me why can't you see D Em D This is where you need to be? C G You know, it's taken its toll on me, D Em D So I'll hope for a miracle. (After 1st Chorus: Interlude 1. After 2nd Chorus: Interlude 2 Yeah, I'll hope for a miracle. After last Chorus, Em till the end.) Interlude 1: G Interlude 2: Em Bridge: C D Em And if you want to be free, C D Em I can't be the one to make you believe. C D Em You've still got this promise to keep. C D C D Step back and wash away the reckless intentions. Em G They're leaving me breathless. C D Find a way to stay in your skin. That's it! Hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to comment and rate!

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