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	  		(intro) C#m A E B 

C#m            A 
Lover of my soul 
E               B 
I want to tell you 
C#m          A        E       B 
Only you have all of me 

C#m          A 
I cannot contain 
E          B 
My adoration 
C#m      A         E         B 
I'm in love so desperately 

               F#m           B 
No one is as lovely as You are 
And there is no one else 
Who has my heart 

E B Jesus, you have me completely F#m Every breath that I breathe A B I am absolutely in love E B Jesus, I am yours forever F#m All of me surrenders A B C#m A E B I am absolutely in love with you
C#m A Down upon my knees E B I'm lost in worship C#m A E B Humbled by your majesty C#m A What is there to say E B But how I love you? C#m A E B Thank you for forgiving me B F#m All I am is yours B Only yours

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