Stacie Orrico

So Simple

Stacie Orrico



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So Simple

	  		Capo na 1ª casa 

INTRO:  C  G Am F 
   	     	              C	          G	    Am  Em  F  Am  Dm  G 
(It could all be so simple, simple)  

                     C                          G 
Don't need high heels for a good feel  
    	       Am   	              Em 
You can keep the fancy clothes  
                F                 Am	       Dm               G 
I'll take walkin in the rain over things material  
                 C	                  G 
I'll trade Melrose and the big names  
   	       Am	          Em 
Give me faces that I know  
           F               Em          Dm	             G 
Just play a melody    that everybody knows  

C	                G	                    Am 
Take it down, down, down and strip it to the core  
	     Dm                                   F                         G 
I don't really need much less is more, more, more  (more, more, more) 

C    	    G	            Am    	     F	    	           C 
True to life, true to me...the way it's got to be 
      G                 Am  	           F 
So simple, so simple, so simple  
C	    G	                 Am        F	              C 
Live to love, love to be??absolutely free  
       G                Am        	 F 
(so simple, so simple, simple)  

                  C                              G 
Give me wisdom, plain and truthful  
    	           Am   	           Em 
Teach me something? I don't know  
 F                 Am	     Dm              G 
Plain as education, inspiration I suppose (yeah yeah)  
                 C	             G   	   Am		         Em 
Give me family, on a Sunday?.and I'll be just fine  
               F                     Em                    Dm  		                G 
There's nothing in the world?.that's worth more of my time  

Chorus 2x 

                 C 	              G   	       Am	         Em 
Livin my dream, is my song to the world  (let 'em hear it)  
 F                                 Em     Dm  	                   G 
Sharin' my soul and spirit    I'm hopin that you hear it  
         C	        G   	         Am	        Em 
Got one (one) life (life) to live (live)  
 F                  	     Em                   	         
It's only what you make it (make it) 
            Dm  		                                G 
Every new day's a chance worth takin  

Chorus 2x 

...babi andrade ^^... 

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