Stab Yer Dad


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Stab Yer Dad


Intro: D G D E A 

        D                              G 
Of the things that have made me, I count myself lucky. 
  E                       A                       D 
I consider it fortune, things like how I wasn?t taught at a young age to  
respect my elders. 
E                         A 
I thank goodness for my absence of a father. 
G                          E                     
He could have taken me out, we?d have gone camping. 
  D                                G         
I could have learned to wield my body as a weapon. 
E                      A 
These are things that I won?t be missing. 

D G D E A 

D                G                        E                      A 
I remember sitting in the car with my dirty old man as he explained 
               D                              G 
how ?she has asked for it? and how ?it was her fault? 
             E                A                  G                 E 
I?m only glad I didn?t take the bait. I remember telling my mother 
D                    G            D        E               A                               
It was the last time I saw my father. No regrets for what else I?ve been  

?Cause I?m not jealous of a well adjusted family, 
Bm                                           E 
only Killing time ?till they learn their anomaly don?t help the wounded ones: 
the children of the vengeful fathers. 
         G                                                     Bm 
When everyone I know is still standing in the shadows of the men who left their mark, 
                           E      A 
I?d rather be left in the dark.  oh oh. 

D G D E A 

          D               G                E              A 
If our fathers were our role models for god and they failed us, 
               D               G                           E               A 
what does that tell us about our supposed omnipotent savior? 
             G                        E 
Except we?re all born to fiction, daily recreated 
D                             G                   E 
we play the roles from the stories we learned as kids. 
Who bends down? Who plays god? 
                      D                      G                      D            E 
Is it fated that every boy on this earth should have his head stuck up his ass? 
              A                         D                D       G   D E 
We?re all just like our dads. We keep learning the same shit again. 
And I wonder how long till it ends? 

D                   G                      E                    A                D      G 
I remember when my dirty old man told me how I?d grow up to be just like him when I got old. 
           E                 A 
What a bizarre thing to be told, to be told  

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