Paint By Numbers


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Paint By Numbers

	  		C D F     C F G 

       C             G               F 
on the playground you learned how to share with the kids,  
        C            F            G 
but you still didn't feel you fit in.   
    C               G               F 
how fitting your confusion when you turned 16:  
         C               F                D              G        C 
you knew how to paint by numbers, but you knew it wasn't rock and roll.  

            C            G                F 
you learned tight pants, spray paint, and eyeliner.   
         C               F         D 
you said glam rock would save your soul.   
        C                         F              
but you couldn't grasp that the rebellion you wanted  
       D                   G       C 
wasn't something you could ever be sold.   

                 G                       D               F 
and I never understood how someone could be so willing to be  
                   G                     D             F 
absorbed into what I never thought could pass as identity.   
                  D                           C 
and I always felt bad for the kids who had to share their faces  
         G           D        F 
with sad teenagers across the world  
            C                       F 
who'd found something to fill their loss,  
    F           G           C 
without ever addressing the cause.   

                C                          F 
then I saw your speech impediment imitated exactly  
             G                         C 
by a girl in seattle and a guy in minneapolis,  
     C                   F                  G              C 
so i guess you must have learned that from tv   

    C                   F 
you said you'd find yourself for real,  
        G                C 
but fell that far from the goal- 
    C               F                          G7             C 
you had to paint by numbers but knew it wasn't r-r-r-r-rock and roll . 

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