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	  		Unreleased as of yet (you can find it on youtube) but still an undeniable tune 

 Ebm  B 
      I dropped 250 on the Reeperbahn, 
 Ebm  B     
      you can?t put a price on having fun. 
 Ebm  G#m      
      Casinos, cashpoints, pool halls, cafés, 
 B    F#  
      I wanna stay up on weekdays. 
      Drinking Bailey?s out of plastic cups, 
 Ebm  B    
      I gotta pick my dry cleaning up.  
 Ebm  G#m    
      I gotta book a last minute mini-break. 
 B    F#  
      How long does a good time take? 
B The Reeperbahn, B I?ll see you on the Reeperbahn. B G#m F# I?ll see you when our lives have taken turns for the worse. B Reeperbahn, my heart is saying: B Reeperbahn, my mind is saying: G#m F# Work much harder, take it slower.
Ebm B Eleven euros in loose change, Ebm B Baby, can?t you be my baby every day? Ebm G#m Baby, can?t you take me seriously? B F# I?m an international man of misery. B I keep my enemies close to me, Ebm B backstabbers on my Blackberry. Ebm G#m But credit girl, where credits due, B F# you even ruin the songs I write about you.
E G#m I don?t care if dreams come true, B or if this decade matters as much to us F# as yours did to you. E G#m Nostalgia isn?t what it was, B and you?re not what you were. F# One more drink and then I?m heading home.
Chorus B G#m F# Uh, ah oh. (x8) End on A B

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