South Border


South Border

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by  ILMS

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Capo on 2nd fret
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Chord illustrations F Faug G# Gm7 Am7 Dm7 C#m7 Ebm7 A G7 C9 A7 Bbm7 G#m7 C#7sus e|-1----x----4----3----5----5----4----6----5----3----x----5----1----4----4-| B|-1----2----4----3----5----6----6----8----5----3----3----5----1----4----7-| G|-2----2----5----3----5----5----5----7----6----3----0----6----3----4----4-| D|-3----3----6----3----5----7----6----8----7----3----0----5----2----4----6-| A|-3----3----6----5----7----5----4----6----7----5----2----7----3----6----4-| E|-1----1----4----3----5----5----4----x----5----3----3----5----x----4----x-|
STANZA I F Fallin' out, fallin' in Faug Nothing's sure in this world, no no F Breaking out, breakin' in Faug G# Never knowin' what lies ahead Gm7 F We can really never tell it all Gm7 No, no STANZA II F Say goodbye, say hello Faug To a lover or friend F Sometimes we never could understand Faug G# Why some things begin with just love Gm7 F Faug We can really never have it all, no, no, hoh, hoh REFRAIN Am7 Dm7 But, oh, can't you see C#m7 Gm7 That no matter what happens, life goes on and on Am7 Dm7 And so, baby, just smile C#m7 'Cause I'm always around you Ebm7 hold And I'll make you see how beautiful life is for you and me Chorus F Take a little time baby Gm7 See the butterfly's colors Am A Dm7 Listen to the birds that sent to sing for me and you G7 Can you feel me Gm7 C9 This is such a wonderful place to be F Even if there is pain now Gm7 Everything will be alright Am A Dm7 For as long as the world still turns, there will be night and day G7 Can you hear me Bbm hold There's a rainbow always after the rain F - Faug - F - Faug Hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh STANZA III (Do second stanza chords) Hittin' high, hittin' low Win or lose you should go, yeah yeah Getting warm, getting cold Weather can be so good or bad But, baby, this is life, oh, don't get mad, no no no REFRAIN (DO REFRAIN CHORDS) 'Cause, oh, can't you see (can't you see) That no matter what happens, life goes on and on So, baby, please smile (just smile) 'Cause I'm always around you And I'll make you see how beautiful life is for you and me (REPEAT CHORUS) BRIDGE A A7 Dm7 Life's full of challenges, Not all the time we get what we want G But don't despair my dear (no, no, no) A You'll take each trial A7 Dm7 And you'll make it through the storm 'coz you're so G My faith in you is clear Bbm7 Am7 Gm7 So they say once again the world's beautiful Bbm7 Am7 G#m7 C#7sus And let's celebrate life that's so beautiful, so beautiful (REPEAT Chorus ONE FRET HIGHER)

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