Sound Bullet


Sound Bullet

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	  		Intro D7M(9)  A7M(9)  D7M(9)  A7M(9)  F#7/C# 

Em7                                  Bm7 
I am afraid of most things I seem to face these days 
                          Em7                           G7M/B 
Distressing what I used to call a normal and troubled sleep 
Em7                             Bm7 
Waking up soaked in my own sweat 
                  Em7                    G7M/B 
Greeting the boogeyman as a dear old friend 

And If every song I ever wrote was about you 
But I'm quitting now 
                                     F#7/C#  Em7/B  A7/G 
These words will last while I get out   

I get it now    
                        Bm7                              Em7                               G7M/B 
This is me dealing with being lost for so long I can't find a home in all my dearest ones 
       Em7                        Bm7  
I'm leaving all the windows open  
              Em7                         G7M/B 
So we breathe again the same air as before 

G6                    D7M/F#              Bm7                   F#7 
Take me back to '09 in my old room in Laranjeiras when I wasn't like this 

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