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Dance Tak Dance

Sound Bullet

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Dance Tak Dance

	  		Intro Db  Bb7(9)  C4 

Db7M                Fm  Ab6             Cm7 
Whispering in my ears, ever since I was a little kid 
Db7M                Fm 
Telling not to open up with anyone 
Db7M           Fm  Ab6                Cm7 
Pushing its way in, Devil's always been here 
Db7M                Fm                Db7M  Fm 
You could only see it from the inside 
It's not the evil it brings 
it's the loneliness I drown into 
Db7M                   Fm 
Constantly weighing me down 

Db7M          Ab7M               Fm             Bbm 
I am trying my best to get up today and for the rest of my life 
Db7M               Ab7M               Fm  
Days I sink holding on to the ones I fly 
Maybe I'm trying too hard 
Db7M           Ab7M                 Fm                Bbm 
Maybe I'll get better, I am feeling better to finally say this 
Db7M          Ab7M  Fm       Bbm   Db7M  Dbm 
I just want to get it of my chest 

Db7M                Fm  Ab6              Cm7 
Choking on my own words every time I threw them up 
    Db7M                   Fm     
I'm tired of neverending thoughts 
Db7M                  Fm  Ab6               Cm7 
Guess I'm putting myself back together piece by piece 
Db7M                 Fm           Db7M  Fm     
Though changes are in plain sight 
I feel I'm still that stubborn kid 
         Cm7                  Db7M 
Listening to Bloc Party after school 
Waiting on glorious things to come       

( Ab9/C  Ab7M  Db  Bbm ) 

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