Soulfire Revolution


Soulfire Revolution

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	  		B   C#m      E 
We watch, we pray, we're here to seek your face  
B    C#m     E 
We know you're close, let your presence fill this place  
E B/D# 
The world is a desert dry and thirsty; your love is the answer full of mercy  
C#m      F# 
Give us your eyes to see the hurting, bring us back to life  
B    E 
Revival, hearts on fire  
G#m       E 
Holy Spirit rain down, change us from the inside, singing Oh-a-oh Oh, oh-a-oh  
B    C#m  E 
Shine your light, bring healing to the blind 
B    C#m  E 
You break the chains; let your glory fill the sky  
E    B/D#  
Send revival fire, send revival fire 
C#m    B/D# 
Fill this place, fill this place 

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