Sonic Youth


Sonic Youth

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Year: 2005 - Album: Goo

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          A              A#                Dm 
When you see the spiral turning through alone 
         A             A#                  Dm 
And you feel so heavy that you just can't stop it 
           A              A#             Dm 
When this sea of madness turns you into stone 
 A              A#                 Dm 
Picture of your life shoots like a rocket 
All the time 

A# A F C Dm Put 'me' in the equation it's alright A# A F C Dm I've seen you moving in and out of sight A# A G G F G F G My friends tell me it's all cut through you G G F G F G From nowhere G G F G F G To nowhere G G F G F G Cut together Cutting through
A A# Dm I'm island-bound, a mote inside my eye A A# Dm I can't see you breathing as before A A# Dm I am airless - a vacuum child A A# Dm I can't stand to reason at your door C In this time Chorus A# Dm I'm down in the daytime out of sight A# Dm Comin' in from dreamland, I'm on fire A# Dm I can see it's all been here before A# Dm Dream a dream that lies right at your door A Dm A Dm A A# Dm When the seasons circle sideways out of turn A A# Dm And words don't speak just fall across the carpet A A# Dm You're just in time to watch the fires burn A A# Dm It seems a crime but yr. face is bright you love it C All the time...

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