Here Without You


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Here Without You

verse 1 
Em G         D     Bm      A           
Daytime just makes me feel lonely 
   Em    G     D    Bm          C     
At night I can only dream about you 
Am                D            Am         D 
Girl you're on my mind, nearly all of the time 
        C          G            D 
It's so hard being here without you 

verse 2 
Em    G     D    Bm     A         
Words in my head keep repeating 
Em     G        D         Bm         C   
Things that you said when I was with you 
      Am             D            Am                D 
And I wonder is it's true, do you feel the same way too?  
        C          G            D     
It's so hard being here without you 
      C   A        Em 
Being here without you 

         G             Bm         C            A 
Though I know it won't last, I'll see you some day 
   G                        Bm            C 
It seems as though that the day will come never   
            G              Bm           C           A 
But there's one thing I'll swear though you're far away 
        C         A           F 
I'll be thinking about you forever 

verse 3 
Em      G      D    Bm   A 
Streets that I walk on depress me 
Em   G         D          Bm         C 
Ones that were happy when I was with you 
           Am                D              Am               D 
Still with all the friends I know, and with all the things I do 
        C          G            D    
It's so hard being here without you 
      C   A        B 
Being here without you 

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