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Sky Ferreira

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Your face is sad 
     G                 Am             Em 
I've kissed your mouth just a million times 
Am              Em 
About a million times 
F              Em 
Only wish that you could see, 
Am               Em             C               F 
Together we'd be fine. 
C                       G 
Like your voice when it growls & hisses 
Am            Em 
Oh it's beautiful 
Am              Em 
Yeah it's beautiful. 
F              Em 
Only wish that you could see 
        Am             Em       C         F 
That together we'll be fine. 

C  Am  Em  G 
I like you 
Dm               F 
You disappear in sun 
          Bb      F 
I melt in two 
    C  Am  Em  G 
But I like you 
Dm     F           Bb    F 
We can howl at the moon 

You're a werewolf from waist down 
I'm in a different town,just a different town 
Only wish that you could see together we'd be fine, 
No spell that I can use and all I feel is blue 
All I feel is gloom 
Only wish that you could see together we'd be free 

And I like you 
You disappear in sun 
I melt in two 
But I like you 
We can howl at the moon 
Don't repay me with a bruise 

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