You Provide


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You Provide


(Verse 1) 

D                       F#m      A            E                                          
In my deepest need You provide 
D             F#m   A             E                        
Exceedingly,  abundantly 
D              F#m        A          E                   
Above all I could ask or think 
                  D        F#m       A      E                                                    
You provide  

D You're all sufficient, A All consuming F#m You uphold me E By Your mercy D You're faithfulness, it A Goes before me F#m Surely goodness is E Chasing me
Verse Chorus Bridge: D F#m A E You are my delight D F#m A E You are my delight (Bridge) E D F#m A Only You can satisfy E D F#m A Only You can satisfy my soul

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