Simon & Garfunkel

Bleecker street

Simon & Garfunkel

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Bleecker street

	  		G               D          C          G      
  Fog's rollin' in off the East River bank  

       D7                G         Em       
Like a shroud  it covers   Bleeker Street  

          B7                C       
Fills the alleys  where men sleep  

          G           D            Em       G              
Hides the shepherd        from the sheep  

G        D             C     G      
  Voices leaking from a  sad cafe  

        D7            G      Em      
Smiling faces  try to   understand  

        B7              C            
I saw a shadow  touch a   shadow's hand  

   G     D       Em        G              
On Blee------ker Street  

G        D     C             G       
  A poet reads   his crooked rhyme  

      D7           G      Em     
Holy, holy  is his   sacrament  

       B7                 C      
Thirty dollars  pays your rent  

   G     D       Em        G              
On Blee------ker Street  

G           D           C        G       
  I heard a church bell   softly chime  
     D7          G   Em     
In a me---lody sustainin'  

       B7            C         
It's a long  road to  Cainan 


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