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Silence 4

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by destrudos

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Key:  C#m More
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  		C#m       - 046650 
E7M/1      - 006640 
E         - 022100 
F#11      - 244 00					 
Asus4     - 000220						 
F#        - 244 22 
Dsus2     - x002 0 
Asus2     - 002200 
Dm7M/9     - 000660 
A6/add9    - 004420	 
G         -  554   
X         - 000xxx 	     			 
G#        - 466544                                                 
A         - 577655 	                    	        					 
G         - 650066 
G4        - 760077  
G5        - 870088 
G6        - 980099 
G7        - 11-10-0-0-11-11 
intro:    C#m   E7M     E   F#11   Asus4   F# 
           C#m   E7M     E   F#11   Asus4   F# 
C#m    E7M           E  
I feel strange tonight 
		  F#11	     Asus4 
There's something wrong tonight  
      F#11                  Dsus2  Asus4  Asus2 
I am soaked and it hurts to breathe 
C#m     E7M         E  
You sleep by my side 
      F#11	 A11 
Aimee runs to hide 
       F#11            Dsus2  Asus4  Asus2 
And my mind slips out of me 
Dm7M/9    Asus2 
		       Dm7M/9    Asus2  
Thank God for ceilings 
		       Dm7M/9    Asus2  
These walls are keeping 
		       Dm7M/9    Asus2  
All of my thoughts 
E       A6/add9    G       F      E  
For how long have I been feeling down ? 
X   E           X    E 
So sorry        For myself 
E       A6/add9    G       F      E   
From up here I see that I've been wrong 
X            E 
You're sleeping 
You're dreaming 
Fields of cotton 
Flowers blossom in my hair 
And there are no brakes in this car 
And stan getz is palying 
And you are proudly holding 
A kyte that swirls across the sky 
Thank God for ceilings 
These walls are keaping 
All of my dreams 
For how long have you been feeling down ? 
It seems like    Forever 
From up here, everything is fine 
This cloud is big 
X             C#m 
All seats for free  
E7M     E   F#11   Asus4   F# 
E	       G#		A 
All in here is here for you and me 
	G             G4 
All we have is all we need 
	G5		   G6		    G7              E 
All the good and bad I'll stand for you for all that you believe 
E	              G# 
Don't waste your last words on sorrow 
A		   G  
Live like there is no tomorrow  
G4 	       G5		G6		  G7             E 
All in here is all we need I'll stand for you for all that you believe 


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